IR Information

IR Information

IR Policy

  • Highly transparent
  • The information found is prompt
  • Don't cheat small things

By accurately and promptly communicating good and bad information, we strive to help people understand life-sized TRUSCO and bring it as a highly reliable stock.

Kaitai Shinsho 2024 (Integrated Report)

Kaitai Shinsho 2024
(Integrated report)

Details of our results and business strategy for 2023 are posted.

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Details of our results and business strategy for 2023 are posted.

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TRUSCO Shareholders' Meeting

TRUSCO Shareholders' Meeting

"The origin of IR is at the general meeting of shareholders"

The General Meeting of Shareholders of TRUSCO
Reporting to shareholders on initiatives and business results for the year
We believe that it is the largest IR venue.

TRUSCO Shareholders' Meeting

Performance highlights

Amount of sales

Operating income

Ordinary income

Total assets

Net income attributable to the parent company

Net income per share

Finance / performance information

Financial Strategy

With "a company with assets"
Achieve long-term corporate value improvement

We belive that owning our own distrubution centers, branch offices, data center, and vehicle, which serve as the main arteries of corporate management, will bring the greatest benefits. This is why we are placing importance on the idea of TRUSCO being "Having assets on our own."
Instead of aiming for short-term profits, we take the perspective of long-term corporate value enhancement and promote the strategic strengthening balance sheet (B / S), which leads to greater convenience for our customers.
Since 2016, we have maintained a rating of "A" by Rating and Investment Informatiion , Inc., (R & I), and by raising funds with an eye to the future, and continuing capital investments, we are providing customers with higher value-added services.

Financial Strategy

The Company has adopted the electronic public notice system since June 2006 as stipulated in the Articles of Incorporation.
Announcement of financial results (disclosure of balance sheet and income statement)

The announcement of financial results was posted on the Company's website, but due to Article 440, Paragraph 4 of the Companies Act, it is no longer necessary to post the announcement of financial results for companies submitting securities reports.
You can see the announcement of financial results (balance sheet, income statement) after the 44th term (the term ending March 2007) in the "Securities Report" in the "IR Library".

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