Environmental Philosophy / Environmental Policy

Environmental Philosophy


Our little little effort
To lead to great compassion for the future
We aim to be a company that is friendly to the global environment.


Environmental policy

TRUSCO NAKAYAMA Corporation is a supplier of a wide range of PRO TOOL and secondary materials required by the domestic and overseas manufacturing industry. Based on the recognition that global environmental conservation, including consideration for biodiversity, is one of the Materiality in corporate activities, all Staff work together to continuously improve and prevent pollution.

The term was born in 1998 as an environmental philosophy, but now we are working on the future of human beings and society, including the global environment, as the TRUSCO Sustainability project.

  • We will comply with the requirements of other matters we agree to, such as applicable laws, ordinances and agreements related to our environmental aspects, and comply with the requirements of our stakeholders.
  • We will identify significant environmental impact items associated with company-wide business activities and strive to continuously improve our business performance.

    Other important matters

    We will work with our suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of our products that have border impacts.
    Promote market penetration of products with less environmental impact.
    Implement measures to reduce the amount of energy consumed by business activities.
    Implement measures to reduce the amount of resources consumed by business activities.
    Promote reduction and effective use of emissions emitted by business activities.
    We will carry out public relations and enlightenment activities both inside and outside the company regarding environmental conservation, and develop efforts that are beneficial to the surrounding environment.
    Promote greening on company-owned premises so that we can contribute to environmental conservation.
  • In order to raise awareness of the environment, we will provide education and training on environmental management to all people working at our company.
  • We will carry out internal audits and strive to improve self-management.
  • The set environmental policy will be made known to all people who work at or work with us, and the environmental policy will be announced outside the company.

April 2, TRUSCO NAKAYAMA Corporation

Tetsuya Nakayama
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