Health management

Declaration of health

Declaration of health

"TRUSCO NAKAYAMA Corporation. aims to be useful to people and society as a company that supports Japanese MONODZUKURI. We will continue to reduce the environmental burden on manufacturing sites, work sites and business partners through our business. We will promote Staff health promotion with the aim of becoming a company that is useful and allows Staff to continue working with peace of mind for a long time. "

Purpose of working on health management

TRUSCO 's corporate philosophy is "We have a mission to contribute to society through our corporate activities and realize the happiness Related Parties to us." With the corporate message of "GAMBARE!! JAPANESE MONODZUKURI", we are continuing our business for the development of the Japanese manufacturing industry. By building an Quick Delivery system that delivers products "when needed," "what you need," and "as much as you need," and by expanding highly convenient services, the environmental load on manufacturing sites, work sites, and business partners can be increased. It has led to reduction (labor reduction, production efficiency).
Going forward, we will continue to help reduce the environmental burden on society through our business, and by promoting health management by ourselves, we will revitalize the organization by improving the vitality of Staff and improving productivity, providing better services and growing the company. I think it will be connected.

Purpose of working on health management

Health management strategy map

We will clarify the issues you want to solve through health management and visualize the process to get there.
By understanding indicators over time and materializing initiatives, we will effectively run the PDCA cycle.

Specific efforts

We have established an in-house healthcare section with the aim of creating an environment in which employees can maintain their physical and mental health and devote themselves to work with peace of mind.
Public health nurses are stationed at the Tokyo Head Office and Osaka Head Office, and they serve as a point of contact for health-related consultations.
In addition, the Tokyo Head Office, Osaka Head Office, and Distribution Center are equipped with health rooms for employees who are not feeling well.

Regular health check

Regular health check

Complete medical checkup or mini-checkup. We also provide financial assistance for dependent spouses.

  • Maintaining 100% consultation rate ・ Improvement of secondary examination consultation rate

mental health

mental health

We are also strengthening our efforts for mental health, centered on occupational health staff (industrial physicians and health nurses).

  • Maintain 100% stress check acceptance rate
  • Use the results of organizational diagnosis to improve the work environment
  • Mental health education through self-care and line care training
  • Establishment of external consultation desk
  • Engagement survey
  • Create and execute action plans at each business site based on the results of the engagement survey

Companies that promote non-smoking

TRUSCO Smoking Cessation Policy

Nakayama No Smoking Policy

TRUSCO Nakayama’s corporate responsibility is to contribute to the development of society by providing a safe and healthy workplace for its employees and by continuing to engage in vigorous corporate activities.

As a smoking cessation promotion company, we are implementing initiatives to promote smoking cessation, such as requiring not only executives, Executive Officer, and Division General Manager to quit smoking, but also responsible persons, candidates for managers, and Staff who wish to join the company.

  • Support for smoking cessation
  • Company-wide non-smoking rate: 85.5% (100% non-smoking rate of managers)

Reform of health consciousness

Head Office health nurses stationed at Tokyo and Osaka Head Office
Head Office health nurses stationed at Tokyo and Osaka Head Office

In order to continue working with peace of mind for a long time, we are interested in our own health and aim to maintain and improve the health of each employee.

  • Dissemination of health information
  • Construction of health promotion and aggravation prevention system in collaboration with TRUSCO Health Insurance Association

Support for balancing work and injury treatment

Image character "Chirosa" of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare "Support for balancing treatment and work"
Image character "Chirosa" of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare "Support for balancing treatment and work"

We have created an environment where employees who are motivated to work can work while having illness.

  • Balance support system (paid leave, paid leave, reduced working hours, staggered work)
  • Return to work support system (short working hours, staggered commuting)

TRUSCO NAKAYAMA Health Insurance Association

TRUSCO Health Insurance Association Secretariat member
TRUSCO Health Insurance Association Secretariat member

From April 2019, we established TRUSCO Health Insurance Association, our own health insurance association, in the Tokyo Head Office because we want to take responsibility for the health of our Staff and their families as a company that takes care of our lives.
With the establishment, it will be possible to further enhance our unique health business.
We will promote initiatives that suit our company so that our Staff can continue to work with peace of mind for a long time.

Benefits of your own health insurance association

Original insurance card (sample)
Original insurance card (sample)
  • Allows for smooth decision making
    《Start of payment》
    Specified infertility treatment cost subsidy (up to 50,000 yen per child up to 6 times)
    Non-smoking outpatient assistance payment (up to 20,000 yen)
    HPV inspection assistance supply
    PSA inspection assistance supply
  • By analyzing medical receipts, it is possible to take measures according to the characteristics of our company.
  • It will be easier to prevent illness not only for Staff but also for their families.
  • Insurance premiums can be reduced in the future
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