"If manufacturing is abolished, the country will be destroyed."

Reconstructed after the war,
The manufacturing industry that supported the high economic growth
It is still the core industry of this country.

Manufactured in Japan: Shipment value 302,033,000,000,000yen
Japanese manufacturing: employees 7,465,556people
Source: 2021 Economic Census by industry: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Japan's GDP composition ratio Japan's GDP composition ratio
Source: Created based on the Cabinet Office “FY2021 National Accounts”

Why is Japanese manufacturing so much?
Will it continue to have a presence in the world?
It ’s a technology that cannot be managed in the world.
This is because creativity supports it.

There are many MONODZUKURI companies in Japan that boast the world's top market share and unique products, with high technology as a weapon.

At such a manufacturing site
By the time the product being made is completed
Millions of tools and items are used.

"I want you to bring merchandise immediately"

The impatient manufacturing site
I want to support this country with manufacturing
I think it's a sign of pride.

Even now, more than 60 years after our founding
As a PRO TOOL supplier
We have faced the demands of the manufacturing site in a straightforward manner.

Number of different products in inventory 560,000 items
53.19 million
Distribution base 28 locations in Japan
Sales base 59 locations in Japan 

In order for Japanese manufacturing to be loved all over the world
We want to continue to be useful in Japanese manufacturing.