Promotion system

To achieve Materiality

Sustainability promotion system

We set specific themes, measures, and KPIs for the identified Materiality.
Each division is responsible for implementing various measures, and the Sustainability Committee supervises progress based on KPIs and promotes sustainability.
The Sustainability Committee also manages and evaluates risks related to sustainability, including climate change.

Sustainability promotion system

Process of identifying Materiality

In addition to identifying Materiality in the process from step 1 to step 4, we hold meetings on the materiality identified at each business site nationwide.
We created the content by referring to the interviews with the Staff.

Process of identifying Materiality Process of identifying Materiality

Promotion system diagram

With our sustainability efforts, we have built the following system in-house.
The Sustainability Committee is responsible for formulating basic policies and Materiality, and reporting to the Board of Director, in order to promote and disseminate them both inside and outside the company.

Promotion system diagram
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