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Supporting manufacturing sites through supplying PRO TOOLs

Supporting manufacturing sites through the supply of PRO TOOL

TRUSCO is a wholesaler of PRO TOOLs (secondary materials used in factories).
Our mission is to deliver quickly, smoothly and stably to manufacturing sites all over Japan.

"Just what is needed, only when needed, only in the quantity needed"

"Just what is needed, only when needed, only in the quantity needed"

At factories and construction sites, work may stop without just one part or tool, and there are many requests for quick delivery.
We have built our own distribution network and system to meet the demands of manufacturing sites, and have established a system that can quickly deliver even a small amount of items.

Expanding product lineup and providing Immediate delivery 

Continue to increase the number of items handled

We stock as wide a variety of PRO TOOL as possible required at manufacturing sites. We handle approximately 4.1 million items from over 3,500 domestic and international manufacturers, and have approximately 590,000 items in stock. We meet the Quick Delivery delivery needs of manufacturing sites with Abundant line-up and inventory.

Expanding our own distribution network to deliver to customers nationwide

Expansion of our own Distribution network to deliver to customers nationwide

TRUSCO has 28 logistic centers all over Japan, builds a network around the logistic centers and its surrounding offices, and we are building an original supply system of PRO TOOL that delivers to dealers twice a day from 1 piece of driver.

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