Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Basic Compliance Policy

TRUSCO officers and Staff hereby declare four "Compliance Basic Policy".

  • As a company that supports the Japanese manufacturing industry, we meet the trust and expectations of manufacturing sites.
  • We will comply with laws and regulations, and take on the challenge of new development based on morals and ethics.
  • When we encounter a situation where we have to take either justice or profit, we do not hesitate to make a "Shushazentaku of choice".
  • We aim to be a "better member of society and a better corporate citizen" in accordance with corporate ethics.

Regarding corporate governance
basic way of thinking

Basic concept of corporate governance

Our company name TRUSCO NAKAYAMA Corporation The corporate logo "TRUSCO" is a direct expression of "Trust Company" that is trusted by all stakeholders. Indeed, we regard the practice of "TRUSCO" itself as the starting point of our daily corporate activities, and we will fulfill our social mission by embodying it.
In addition, we have established the following corporate philosophy, and our basic policy is to build a "system to ensure the appropriateness of the company's operations" under this philosophy. The Company will promote ceaseless reforms related to various management issues and work to maintain and improve its corporate governance system.

Governance system

Supreme Party Meeting
(Board meeting)
It is composed of officers excluding outside Director, and holds a board of Director (management meeting) after discussing and sharing the direction of the company while ensuring objective and rational judgment.
Sustainability Committee
From January 1, 2022, the Compliance Committee will be renamed the Sustainability Committee, and will be held twice a year in principle, chaired by the Director and Department General Manager of the Business Administration Division. By creating both social value and corporate value through our business, we formulate activity policies, promote and supervise activities with the aim of solving social issues and contributing to sustainable local communities, and regularly join the Director of Directors. I will report.
Governance system

Governance Initiatives

Establishment of partner good choice hotline

We have set up a "Partner Good Choice Hotline" in our Sustainability Promotion Division as a compliance consultation desk for existing suppliers.
If you violate (compliance with) corporate ethics, laws, or business contracts in your transactions, or if you suspect that there is a violation, please contact the "Partner Good Choice Hotline" below. Personal information such as the information and name you contact will be used only for the response of this case, and will not be disclosed or provided to a third party. We will never treat you or your supplier at a disadvantage because of your request.

Inquiry window

Sustainability Promotion Division TEL: 03-3433-9846

* A department independent of our business transaction department
* Zentaku is a coined word that expresses our corporate stance of "judging based on good and evil, not on the profit and loss account."


Compliance Guide "Trusco Zentaku Book"

To ensure that each and every Staff has a high sense of ethics, we have established a compliance guideline of "Shushazentaku", and our corporate stance is to "judge based on right and wrong, not on the basis of profit and loss." I am permeating it.
In 2005, we established the Compliance Office (currently the Sustainability Promotion Section), and conducted in-house training and interviews with employees as activities to raise awareness of compliance. We are working to improve our internal compliance system.
In addition, we appoint one person in charge of compliance promotion, called a compliance officer, at each business site, and establish a system of patrol and penetration of compliance awareness within the business site.

Electronic audit system "Fire Lookout Tower"

Enlightenment poster to promote electronic audit system
Enlightenment poster to promote electronic audit system

This is the industry's first electronic audit system that started in June 2001.
It is operated for the purpose of immediately discovering abnormal events from in-house transaction electronic data and taking measures to prevent recurrence.

Corporate Governance Report

This report describes our corporate governance philosophy in accordance with the rules of domestic stock exchanges.

  • Basic concept of corporate governance, capital structure, corporate attributes and other basic information
  • Status of business management organization and other corporate governance systems related to management decision-making, execution and supervision
  • Implementation status of measures related to shareholders and other stakeholders
  • Matters concerning internal control system, etc.
  • others
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