Distribution Strategy

Distribution Strategy

Logistics system

Achieve "fastest", "shortest" and "best" deliveries

In order to meet the needs of manufacturing sites who want to procure the "necessary items" "in the necessary amount" "when necessary", we have Distribution Center all over the country and are evolving our Distribution system on a daily basis.
We have introduced the world's most advanced Distribution equipment to promote labor saving and automation. At Planet Aichi, which we are currently planning, we are also promoting initiatives that utilize the latest technology, such as conducting virtual simulations using digital twins.

Unique fixed cost logistics

We are building a unique logistics system that fixes freight costs. In variable cost logistics, costs are incurred each time like a courier service, but in "fixed cost logistics", the fare is fixed because it goes through a fixed route regardless of the delivery volume. For this reason, we are improving our services to our customers, such as free fare (two flights a day) and the ability to return in-stock items.

Fixed-Cost Based Distribution TRASCOFixed-Cost Based Distribution TRASCO
Variable cost DistributionVariable cost Distribution

same-day / next-day delivery without freight by own delivery system

"Fixed-Cost Based Distribution", which is based on in-house delivery, uses a fixed route regardless of the amount delivered, so freight charges are fixed. This has led to improved services for retailers, such as free shipping (twice a day), the ability to return items if they are in stock, and the ability to pick up repaired items.
In order to meet the needs of customers who wish to purchase in the minimum quantity required, we accept orders starting from one screwdriver. We also aim to shorten lead time by analyzing the lead time from order receipt to delivery on a case-by-case basis. Delivery lead time 19 hours 13 minutes 43 seconds (as of the end of December 2023)

Promotion of in-house delivery service

In order for our Staff to respond quickly to dealers' requests, we are promoting in-house delivery during deliveries.
Chartered car delivery service: Delivery service contracted with a shipping company
In-house delivery: Flights delivered by full-time TRUSCO Staff

Delivery route for Quick Delivery delivery

We have built a nationwide delivery route that resembles the orbit of a planet centered on our Distribution Center.
For this reason, our Distribution Center is named "Planet".

Planet & Satellite Logistics System

① Planet Logistics System
Orders received by the Planet branch are delivered directly from the Planet Distribution Center to the retailers.
② Satellite Logistics System
The satellite stock branch holds about 10,000 to 30,000 items in basic inventory and delivers them to retailers. Other products are replenished from the Distribution Center to the branch by satellite flight and delivered once a day the next morning.
③ Tomahawk service
For retailers in areas that are difficult to reach by regular delivery, we deliver products once a day via local delivery from Planet Distribution Center.
④ User direct delivery service
If there is a request from the retailer, the product will be sent directly to the user. The fare will be borne by the retailer.

問屋による ユーザー様直送という環境保全


ユーザー様直送 口数 486万個 

Distribution Center

28 locations as of the end of December 2023

Planet Saitama

"Japan's largest tool box" that can stock 500,000 items of PRO TOOL (secondary materials for factories). This Distribution Center is truly a "logistics wonderland" where a wide variety of Distribution equipment that achieves high-density storage and highly efficient shipping are gathered.

  • Planet Hokkaido

  • Planet Tohoku

  • Planet North Kanto

  • Planet East Kanto

  • Tokyo Backup Center

  • Planet South Kanto

  • Planet Tokai

  • Planet Nagoya

  • Planet Shiga

  • Planet Osaka

  • Planet Kobe

  • Planet Sanyo

  • Planet Kyushu

  • HC East Japan Logistic Center

  • HC West Japan Logistic Center

  • HC Kyushu Logistic Center

Strengthening safety by installing a dangerous goods warehouse and managing deadlines

Due to the responsibility of stocking a large amount of chemical products with risks such as ignition and explosion, we have installed a dangerous goods warehouse in our Distribution Center.
In the event of a fire, halon gas is also injected to extinguish the fire, enhancing safety.
In addition, products with quality assurance deadlines are managed by the system, and even if the number of product items increases, we have established a system that allows accurate and efficient confirmation.

Planet Saitama Dangerous Goods Warehouse (approx. 86 tsubo)

Seismic isolation of Distribution Center

During the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, Planet Tohoku was unable to ship products due to items falling from shelves, despite the need for many PRO TOOL for disaster recovery.
Based on this experience, the Distribution Center built since then (Osaka, Saitama, South Kanto) are equipped with Seismic Isolation Equipment as standard so that we can fulfill our responsibility to supply customers even in the event of a disaster.

Planet Saitama seismic isolation device

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