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So that Staff can aware of how difficult it is to generate solar power on our own
The self-sufficiency rate of solar power generation at the Tokyo Head Office is displayed at the entrance.

In 1998, we established the following principle: "We aim to be an earth-friendly company so that our small and small initiatives lead to great compassion for the future Sustainability With this environmental philosophy in mind, we have been engaged in various environmental initiatives. This is also our environmental declaration that "the 21st century is an era of serious efforts with the environment," and since more than 20 years before the word "sustainability" spread, the idea of connecting the global environment to the future has been at the root of our business.

Based on this philosophy, we have been trying to manage our company with energy saving in mind. It is important that the business model itself is an energy-saving design. For example, Abundant line-up and inventory realizes One-stop shopping, greatly reducing the labor and labor of material procurement, and leads to great energy saving for users, dealers, manufacturers, and our company as a whole. In addition, the Fixed-Cost Based Distribution system realizes fixed delivery costs by patrolling delivery vehicles on a regular basis, not only reducing delivery costs, but also reducing packaging materials, collecting repaired products, collecting returned goods, etc. It enables two-way Distribution and realizes overwhelming convenience and energy saving compared to one-way, one-way home delivery.

Going forward, we will continue to pursue customer convenience by gradually solving the waste hidden in Distribution by expanding the "user direct delivery service", the “MRO Stocker,” which is like “Okigusuri,”a business model that has been around for many years in Japan, but for tools., the expansion of inventory items, and the strengthening of the Distribution system. We will also expand our business to achieve both reduction of environmental load and environmental load. Furthermore, we would like to contribute to the realization of a sound-cycle economy by further strengthening the Repair Workshops "Naojiro " service that we have been developing since 1998 and becoming a company that is also active in recycling, reuse, and returnability. increase. Last year, we also set up a research team for electric vehicles and carbon neutrals, aiming to create a company with less environmental impact, including product lineups.

Just as important as the energy-saving design of these business models is to foster the spirit of protecting the environment and resources of each and every employee. When it comes to environmental destruction, the focus is only on the responsibilities of companies and the nation, but it is important for each and every Staff to tackle environmental problems, as the protagonist of environmental destruction is an individual. Recognizing that "human beings are the perpetrators of the destruction of the global environment," wash your head to see if you are flushing the kitchen with residual juice or oil after eating, in order to start by stopping the destruction of the environment without malicious intent. We are also making efforts to change individual consciousness, such as creating a pamphlet with a behavior checklist in daily life, such as whether or not the shower is left out.

When thinking about Sustainability it is not just the global environment that must be connected to the future. We must connect the future of the company and the future of the people who work there.

To that end, first of all, it is necessary to be a company where Staff can work for a long time with peace of mind. We make all Staff regular employment based on the idea that "a company has an obligation to provide a workplace where Staff can work with peace of mind and stability." In addition, we will establish our own personnel system such as "Sekikyu Bank System", "Infertility Treatment Support System", and "Mandarin Duck Lovebird Transfer Policy" to create an environment where each Staff can work with peace of mind.

Until now, Sustainability was a term that refers only to the environment, but from now on, we will work toward the future of people and society, including the global environment, as a TRUSCO Sustainability project. ..
We are always focusing on the "mind" that "it is a business and a company only if it is useful for people and society", and we want to continue to be a company that will continue to be useful for Japanese manufacturing in all ages. I went. Going forward, we will continue to create both social value and corporate value by realizing this "mind", and contribute to solving social issues and sustainable local communities.

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