Product Strategy

Product Strategy




NAKAYAMA Original Inventory Logic

 The inventory philosophy "NAKAYAMA Original Inventory Logic" was born from an original idea based on the belief that inventory is necessary for the convenience and sales improvement of retailers.
Based on this idea, we are expanding our inventory using an original method so that our dealers will always think that "Trusco has it".

Changes in business flow
Changes in business flow

Inventory expansion measures

Actively stock long tail products

Even long tail products that are ordered infrequently can be delivered Quick Delivery. By stocking all colors and sizes regardless of the selling points, we have created an environment where products are available in One-stop.

"Cut Depot" for cutting tools

We have set up "Cut Depot", which stocks cutting tools, which are the largest consumables in the factory, in three Distribution Center nationwide, and have established a system that allows Quick Delivery of products from 14 major cutting tool manufacturers at any time.

Inventories of manufacturer catalogs

When you want to know the details of the product, we will deliver the manufacturer's catalog from the stock so that we can deliver the information immediately. Barcodes are managed in the same way as products, which leads to business opportunities for customers.

Manufacturer catalog for about 600 companies

Year-round inventory of seasonal products

Seasonal items are generally in stock only in quantities that sell out during the season. However, in order to meet the demand for the last unit, we secure more inventory than the seasonal demand and respond to orders throughout the year.

Respond to the last one of the season demand

Inventory of "Difficult-to-Delivery".

We call large items and long items that are difficult to manage and deliver as "Difficult-to-deliver" and by actively stocking them, we are able to respond to all orders.

Ladder with a total length of about 12 m is also in stock

Products handled



  • 物流拠点:全国28か所
  • 営業拠点:全国59か所
  • 契約販売店様:約5,600社
  • トラスコ オレンジブック
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