Initiatives for ISO14001

In January 2000, we acquired ISO14001 environmental management system certification for our branch offices and Distribution Center in the Higashi Osaka-Osaka area, where our Head Office was located at the time. .
In December 2019, about 19 years have passed since we acquired the certification, and we have become a company that can voluntarily and continuously conduct environmental activities.

Specific action items

Registration certificate for ISO14001 certification
Registration certificate for ISO14001 certification
  • About the quality of Private Brand products
  • Reduction of garbage emissions and promotion of recycling by sorting
  • Improved vehicle fuel economy
  • Reducing the environmental impact of products that have an impact on the environment among the products we handle
  • Active sales of eco-friendly products

From ISO14001 certification acquisition to graduation

Certificate of 10-year continuation award
Certificate of 10-year continuation award
January 1998
"sustainability." Start of environmental efforts August Kick-off toward acquisition of ISO14001 certification
January 2000
Acquired ISO14001 certification at Higashi Osaka-Osaka site (Head Office, Osaka Branch, Planet Osaka)
January 2005
Obtained company-wide certification
March 2010
Received the ISO14001 10-year continuation award
December 2019
To graduate from ISO14001

Achievements of certification acquisition

By acquiring ISO14001 certification, environmental awareness permeated all Staff and the operation of the management system became established within the company.
In addition, various original environmental activities were born while acquiring the certification, and "environmental consideration" has taken root in daily work.

Company-wide unified power saving activities [TRY FOR 25]

Power saving logo TRY FOR 25
Power saving logo TRY FOR 25

In the company-wide unified power saving activity [TRY FOR 25] conducted from June to September 2011 after the Great East Japan Earthquake, we set a goal of reducing power consumption by 25% compared to the same month of the previous year, and all of us worked on power saving activity the previous year. We succeeded in reducing power consumption by 18 to 25% compared to the same month.

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