Dividend information

Dividend standards

Dividends are paid twice a year, at the interim and at the end of the year, according to the following standards.
After setting a lower limit as a stable dividend, if net income for the current period (interim) exceeding a certain standard is recorded,
We will implement dividends linked to performance with a consolidated dividend payout ratio of 25%.
If the determined annual dividend per share is lower than the annual dividend per share for the previous fiscal year, a portion of the depreciation expenses for the relevant fiscal year (depreciation expenses x maximum 10%) will be added, and dividends will be paid with a consolidated dividend payout ratio of 25%.

Net income per share for the current period (quarterly) When it exceeds 40 (20) yen When it is less than 40 (20) yen
Annual (interim) dividend Current term (quarterly) per share
Net income x 25%
10 (5) yen

Note 1) Figures in parentheses ( ) are calculation standards for the interim period.
Note 2) Fractional sen units are rounded up in increments of 50 sen. 1 to 49 sen → 50 sen, 51 to 99 sen → 1 yen
Note 3) For fiscal years in which net income attributable to owners of the parent fluctuates significantly due to special factors that are not directly related to business activities, we will determine the amount of dividends by excluding the amount of such influence.

Stock status

Stock status

*For the 59th and 60th fiscal periods, the impact of sales of real estate and stocks that are not directly related to business activities, and other special factors are excluded.

From the 54th term onward, we ask you to confirm the dividend decision on our website.
Please see the financial results for details on dividends.

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