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"Do your best !! Japanese manufacturing" ®

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of our shareholders for their warm support.

In order to accurately respond to the high-mix, low-volume, high-frequency product needs required at manufacturing sites, we will continue to actively invest in Distribution facilities, Distribution equipment, and digital technology, and expand the items we handle. We also strived to improve customer convenience by strategically strengthening inventory expansion.

``The amount of hardship you experience gives you the power to make decisions.'' Do you make decisions in your daily work? Even if you don't make a decision, there is a manual, and if you ask your superiors or seniors, they will teach you kindly and carefully, and even if you don't make a decision, your work will proceed without any inconvenience. .

However, from my experience so far, I feel that people who have accurate judgment and quick decision-making ability are able to face hardships head-on and accumulate hardships instead of running away from them.

``The amount of hardship you go through gives you the strength to make decisions.'' This year as well, I would like to keep this word in mind as I work through the hardships. `` Business must serve people and society'' This year as well, we will keep this belief in mind as we work to create a company that is needed by our customers and the market.

January 2024 PresidentTetsuya Nakayama
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