Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Our Policy

"Business must serve people and society"

Corporate Message


Origin of the company name "TRUSCO"

Company Earning Your Trust Company Earning Your Trust

TRUSCO was coined from the words “Trust” and “Company” to convey our commitment to building a company that earns trust. This name demonstrates our corporate approach to earn the trust of everyone we associate with in order to become a company that continues to grow in the future.

Thought / Vision / behavior
Existence Philosophy
Our mission is to contribute to society through our corporate activities, realize the happiness of people who are related.
Management Philosophy
・ Management that continues to move boldly and steadily
・ Management that respects people
・ Management that fosters an entrepreneurial spirit
・ Management that responds to the market with trust
Action Philosophy
・ Respect for sincerity and etiquette
・ Original ideas and detailed plans
・ Dynamic behavior with conviction
・ Communication of trust built with a smile

People we have a connection with

Staff, their families, business Staff, shareholders, people involved in Japanese manufacturing, and all stakeholders related to our company.

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