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Environmental Efforts

Energy-saving design for the entire business model

We offer energy-saving design throughout the entire business model, such as centralized procurement by having abundant inventory and fixed-cost logistics (link), planning and development of environmentally friendly PB, and active recycling, reuse, and returnability. We carry out. We aim for sustainable distribution by working to reduce the environmental impact of the entire supply chain, not only for our company but also for users who use our products. Internally, we call it TSV (Trusco Shared Value) activities to raise the awareness of each and every employee and promote their penetration.

Reduction of environmental load by "One-stop" service

By preparing a wide variety of PRO TOOL, customers will be able to centrally procure the PRO TOOL they need at the MONODZUKURI site. As a result, you can reduce energy and resource consumption for procurement compared to purchasing from multiple sources.

CO2 emissions

Direct emissions from fuel use
2,284 t-CO2
Indirect emissions from energy supply from other companies
6,900 t-CO2

Actions to reduce environmental burden throughout the Supply Chain

Supplier → TRUSCO → Dealer / User Supplier → TRUSCO → Dealer / User

Purchase products that are environmentally-friendly

We would like to help users select environmentally-friendly PRO TOOL by posting environmental information in catalogs and planning and developing environmentally friendly Private Brand "TRUSCO" products.

Environmental support for "TRUSCO" products

In the product planning and development of our own brand "TRUSCO", we have set environmental standards such as "resource saving", "reducing waste" and "long-term use", and product development that considers the environment from each aspect from product design to product use and disposal. Is proceeding. For existing products, we are reviewing the packaging and reducing the volume of the packaging and stopping dozens to improve loading efficiency and reduce the resources used for packaging.

Change to packaging in a paper box that does not use plastic

Environmental information posted in the catalog

The TRUSCO Orange Book attaches pictograms to Eco Mark, Green Purchasing Items, RoHS Compliant Items, etc. so that customers can select eco-friendly PRO TOOL.
You can also download the survey form for chemical substances contained in Orange Book.Com.

Environmentally friendly pictograms

Reduction of environmental load in our own equipment

We are actively introducing environmental equipment in order to reduce the environmental load generated by our own equipment through our business activities.

TRUSCO power plant [19 locations]

We have installed the maximum number of solar panels when constructing new Distribution Center and branch offices, aiming to increase the in-house power generation capacity of renewable power to 3,500 kW by 2025.

Power generation capacity
2,793 kW
Electricity self-sufficiency rate
Changes in our power generation and power self-sufficiency rate Changes in our power generation and power self-sufficiency rate

Planet Saitama Rooftop Solar Power Panel

Introduction of environmental vehicles

We are actively introducing hybrid vehicles to our own trucks used for delivery, and we plan to introduce 40 vehicles (about 25% of all delivery trucks) by 2025.
In addition, we will gradually switch to environment-friendly vehicles from the necessary ones without unnecessary replacement of commercial vehicles.

Hybrid truck Hino "Dutro"

Deliver the product to our custermers

We aim to realize the "best" distribution of environmentally friendly and sustainable PRO TOOL by delivering products that are most efficient for our customers and that have the least environmental impact.

Reduction of environmental load by Fixed-Cost Based Distribution

Products are delivered from our company to retailers via a fixed route from Distribution Center (28 locations nationwide) near our customers.
It is possible to reduce the use of packing materials and CO2 emissions for delivery compared to shipping by home delivery.





Use of our products

Even when users purchase products, the MRO Stocker reduces the environmental load caused by delivery.
We also provide a service that supports the 3Rs * of PRO TOOL that use the sold products for a long time and repeatedly.

* 3R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

“MRO Stocker,” which is like “Okigusuri,”a business model that has been around for many years in Japan, but for tools.

It is a tool version of the business model "Pharmaceuticals" that has been popular in Japan for many years. Since the PRO TOOL that are used every day are already in stock, management costs, delivery dates, and zero waste purchases are realized. In addition, the delivery required for each order is reduced, which leads to a reduction in the environmental burden.

Introduced at manufacturing sites nationwide.

Introduced at manufacturing sites nationwide.

Repair Workshops "Naojiro "

Eight services such as repair and polishing are available. If you use this service, you can repair, reuse, and maintain PRO TOOL without any hassle, which leads to eco-friendliness at the MONODZUKURI site.

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