Private Brand "TRUSCO"

Develop your own brand with an original approach

Our own brand "TRUSCO" was born from the desire to "respond to professional skills with professional quality".
It was born in 1964 as the industry's first Private Brand (PB) product, and has the widest range of brands for secondary materials for factories. We consider not only the function and cost, but also how original it is from various perspectives.
Number of items: 91,967*As of the end of December 2023
  • Light-weight resin carrier "Cartio"

    A lightweight and durable PRO TOOL trolley. The rib structure is exposed to reduce the weight while reducing the echo from the floor. In addition, by adopting elastomer resin wheels, it is possible to suppress the generation of tire marks and drive quietly.
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  • Fully closed aluminum fan factory fan
    Zephyr Cube Type

    It can be connected up, down, left and right, and both upward and downward ventilation are possible. In addition, the shape can be changed according to the intended use, such as cube type, caster type with tray, and desktop type by exchanging the leg angle.
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  • Mountain toolbox

    The lid is convex even if the tool rises inside, so the lid is conveniently designed to close easily, and it is a sturdy press-integrated type that can withstand even hard use.
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  • Metal cut forest

    While maintaining anti-corruption, lubricity, and cooling properties, the distilled extract of coniferous trees that has been blended eliminates the rotten odor of the diluted cutting fluid, and the scent of the forest brings about an odor-improving effect in the factory.
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  • Connected resin flat cart "Beetle" (Flat cart)

    It is a flat trolley that uses a mesh structure that realizes weight reduction and elastomer resin wheels that reduce tire marks during driving. By connecting vertically and horizontally, it can be used for large items.
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  • Identification trio cone

    Not only can you identify by color or text entry, but you can also identify the work status by stacking. It is possible for workers of different nationalities and cultures to communicate smoothly.
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  • Triple cut file

    The three triangular grain types are coarse, medium, and fine, respectively, so you can work on three types of flat files without taking them home. Born from a PB request box from an employee.
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  • Jagged line tape

    The tape for calling attention is mainly a tiger pattern due to manufacturing reasons, but it is a unique product that realizes a jagged pattern by thoroughly adjusting the printing misalignment and cut position during manufacturing.
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  • No-punk bicycle hazard runner for disasters

    It is a bicycle that uses super flex tires that do not require inflating and do not puncture. It can be conveniently used for construction sites and disaster prevention. There are foldable type, three-wheel type, and three-wheel electric assist type.
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  • Lightweight box type backpack for professionals
    Shoulder container

    A3 A large-capacity water-resistant backpack that can be stored without folding drawings. It has a cushioned pocket that can store a tablet or PC, and a harness for mountaineering that does not get tired even if you carry it on your back for a long time.
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  • Universal Design Convex Unilock

    Even if the surface is small, a high-contrast black background is used for the universal design white characters that are easy to distinguish, improving visibility. The back side is a standard white background with a black scale.
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  • Adhesive pad type free loupe

    Since the neck part bends freely, you can freely adjust the angle of the lens. Adhesive type, clip type, magnet type and fixing method can be selected.
    It was born from an idea (PB request BOX) from a part-time worker working at a Distribution Center.
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The origin of Private Brand

The first Private Brand (PB) product, "red lead," responded to the needs of users, and after purchasing it in drums, it was sold in small cans. Although it takes time and effort, the origin of the wholesaler was to buy in large quantities and sell in small lots.
"Do what people do not do" "Sell what people do not sell" "Do before people do", this idea is still inherited as our DNA.

PB Request Box / New Product Review Meeting

As an initiative in the development of Private Brand "TRUSCO" products, there is a "PB Request Box" system that allows Staff and part-timers to post product ideas.
This is a system for writing and posting inspirational ideas on the application form on the internal network (about 100 cases / month). The submitted ideas will be reviewed by the department in charge of product development, and will be finally commercialized at the deliberation within the PB Product Division and at the new product review meeting with the participation of officers.


The Good Design Award is given to various things that surround us, such as products, architecture, software, systems, and services. Regardless of whether it has a shape or not, we regard what a person has built to achieve some ideal or purpose as a design, and evaluate and commend the quality.
The Private Brand "TRUSCO" has won the award several times, and we will continue to produce high-quality products that contribute to manufacturing.

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