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Tetsuya Nakayama President TRUSCO NAKAYAMA

PresidentTetsuya Nakayama

TRUSCO Data Center Solemale

"When you need it, just what you need," at the MONODZUKURI site in Japan
With a mission to meet the needs,
Since our founding, we have built a unique supply system for PRO TOOL.

Highly original Distribution system, product lineup, information system, nationwide network.
We continue to thoroughly enhance these functions to improve customer convenience.

"Useful for the Japanese manufacturing industry through the supply of PRO TOOL "
Based on this aspiration, we aim to be a company that is needed by our customers and society forever.

PresidentTetsuya Nakayama

Management mind

Ambition Purpose
Making people happy is the basis of business.
If you have the ambition, you can see what you should do and the direction you should go.
Is the criterion for judging things good or bad, not the profit and loss account?
Always ask yourself if it is the "right thing".
Creativity in Management
The source of corporate competitiveness is creativity.
There is no letter of success in the direction that everyone goes.

2024 Message

A lot of hardship becomes decisive power

Do you make "decisions" in your daily work?
Even if you don't make a decision, there is a manual, and if you ask your superiors or seniors, they will tell you how to do it, and even if you don't make a decision, your work will proceed without any inconvenience. .
Some politicians promote the power of listening, but what we really need is the power to make decisions.
Even if you have ears to listen, it will be of no use if you don't have the ability to make decisions.
There are many ways to improve your decision-making ability, such as studying, experiencing, and thinking, but I think the best way is to work hard.
From my experience so far, I feel that people who have accurate judgment and quick decision-making ability are the ones who face hardships head-on, without running away from them, and have accumulated hardships over time.
In society, we tend to judge hardships based on appearance, and it is said that gray hair, thinning hair, and a lot of wrinkles indicate hardships, but these are all hereditary factors and have nothing to do with hardships. I feel like that (lol)
I think that the ability to make decisions is one of the most important human abilities.
If you say, ``I don't know what to do...'', then everyone around you will be inconvenienced.
No matter what, I want people to not run away from hardship, but to face it and eradicate it.
One way to overcome hardships may be to ``not think of hardships as hardships.'' Over the years, I have heard stories of hardships from various people, but I used to think to myself, ``That's not really a hardship.''
People may over-express their hardships.
“The amount of hardship you go through gives you the power to make decisions.”
I hope this year will be filled with these words, as we overcome the hardships with a calm face.

(From New Year's Greetings, January 5, 2020)

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