Overseas national brands

Bringing the world's professional tools to the Japanese market

Starting with the German office (Dusseldorf), we have opened a Taiwan office, a Thai office and overseas product procurement bases in sequence, and we are procuring professional tools from around the world, mainly in Europe, where there are many high-quality tool makers with a long history. We are trying to revitalize the manufacturing site in Japan by importing attractive professional tools that are proud of from all over the world.

Number of overseas suppliers
337 companies in 32 countries (as of the end of December 2023)

List of major overseas brands handled

プロの仕事を支える製品が、世界にはたくさんある。 「世界のプロツール」は、多くのプロ達に認められる 歴史と深いこだわりの詰まった工具や製品をご紹介します。




  • 在庫アイテム数:約59万アイテム
  • 国内外仕入先メーカー:約3,500社
  • 1日2便、1個から配達無料
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