Sales Strategy

Sales Strategy

Strategy by route

Realization of one-One-stop purchasing that integrates products, distribution, and digital

We are working to solve customers' problems while grasping the latent needs of customers that are not quantified and utilizing products, distribution, and digital services.
We will continue to contribute to the productivity and sales improvement of the entire industry by providing services suitable for the characteristics of each route and realizing One-stop purchasing from customers to users.

  • Number of dealers Number of corporations: Approximately 5,600 companies
  • Number of accounts: Approximately 33,225 companies (as of the end of December 2023)
Factory Route

Factory Route

Machine tool dealer, Welding Material Dealers, etc.

It is a route that conducts business with customers in a wide range of industries, such as machine tool dealers who mainly handle auxiliary materials for equipment and factories, and Welding Material Dealers who mainly handle high-pressure gas.
By having sales offices nationwide, we are promptly responding to problems and strengthening the cooperation system for each region.
In recent years, we have been providing high-quality products, distribution, and digital services, such as the introduction of “MRO Stocker,” which is like “Okigusuri”, a business model of medicine that has been around for many years in Japan, but for tools.

E-business Route

E-business Route

Internet Sales-order companies, etc.

We are developing a business for E-commerce companies that sell products through the Internet, etc., and a business that links the purchasing system used by users with our electronic catalog (Orange Commerce). By linking data in real time and visualizing the procurement process, we can procure PRO TOOL in a One-stop manner by linking with TRUSCO, which leads to more efficient ordering operations for E-commerce companies and users.

Home center Route

Home center Route

Home centers, pro shops, etc.

It is a route that conducts business with home centers with large stores nationwide and pro shops with craftsmen as customers.
In recent years, due to the growing demand for omni-channel that links stores and E-commerce sites, we are making efforts to integrate real and online, such as promoting services that users can receive at stores.

Overseas Route

Overseas Route

overseas dealers, etc.

This is a route for doing business with overseas subsidiaries of domestic dealers and dealers handling local machine tools. We have local subsidiaries in Thailand and Indonesia, and we are developing services of the same quality as in Japan.
We are contributing to the development of local manufacturing sites by the best use of our unique strengths such as local catalogs and inventories.

Customer support service

“MRO Stocker,” which is like “Okigusuri,”a business model that has been around for many years in Japan, but for tools.

The introduction of "MRO Stocker" is progressing nationwide
The introduction of "MRO Stocker" is progressing nationwide
Product purchase completed with the dedicated app
Product purchase completed with the dedicated app

MRO Stocker is a tool version of the business model "Okigusuri" that has been popular in Japan for many years.
We will realize the ultimate quick delivery environment where you can immediately use the products you need at the MONODZUKURI site.
The MRO Stocker stocks consumables that users use every day in MONODZUKURI, so they can respond to "I want it now" and only charge for what they use.
Users can purchase with a dedicated app without taking inventory risk just by providing a place, and it is possible to use it without stress.

  • Number of MRO Stocker installed: 1,203 (as of the end of December 2023)



  • ユーザー様直送 個口数: 486万個(2023年12月末時点)
Product Search & Catalog

Product Search & Catalog

The tools required at MONODZUKURI sites are diversifying with the times. There are various situations such as searching for products that are not online or for products with unknown part numbers. We aim to provide the most convenient tools to handle any situation.

Electronic purchasing

Purchasing support system for users "Orange Commerce"

Purchasing support system for users
"Orange Commerce"

"Orange Commerce" is a purchasing support system in which users cooperate with the purchasing system they are using to provide WEB catalogs and product data between our company, customers, and users. With the introduction, it is possible to solve the problems of enormous ordering work, organizing product information, and building a database at once, and realize visualization of the procurement process and cost reduction. We will enhance the mutual functions of digital and analog, and combine the strengths of systems, distribution, and products to support the optimization of user's procurement of PRO TOOL.
It is a service that has a track record of linking with many purchasing systems and responds to the needs of various users.

Efforts to reduce the environmental burden

Repair Workshops "Naojiro "

Repair Workshops "Naojiro "

The Repair Workshops "Naojiro " is our original service that repairs and maintains PRO TOOL and re-polishing cutting tools. In general, the request destination is often different depending on the category of repaired product, but this service allows us to request repairs in bulk.
Our delivery drivers and sales representatives collect repaired items at any time during delivery or visits, so basically no packing work or shipping costs by customers are required.
It is a service that promotes the reuse of PRO TOOL and contributes to improving the work efficiency of customers.

Respond to MRO demand from around the world

Overseas business

Respond to MRO demand from around the world

In order to contribute to manufacturing around the world, we are accelerating exports to each country and business at local subsidiaries. We have established an Quick Delivery system for exports from Japan, and can meet the demands of each country. Our local subsidiary has bases in Thailand and Indonesia, and we are contributing to local manufacturing by taking advantage of our strengths such as local catalogs, abundant inventory, and Quick Delivery system.



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  • 国内外仕入先メーカー:約3,500社
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