Keep It Up, Japanese "Monodzukuri"!!

TRUSCO NAKAYAMA is a specialized trading company that supports Japan's manufacturing industry with its PRO TOOLs.
Under a corporate message of "Keep it Up, Japanese Monodzukuri",
we will continue to provide services with the aspiration of advancing Japan’s manufacturing industry.

President:Tetsuya Nakayama

At "monodzukuri" (production) sites, hundreds of thousands of machine tools and work equipment are constantly needed. In order to accurately meet the needs at "monodzukuri" sites, wholesale distributors and retailers are bridging the gap between users and manufacturers, expediting the flow of products.

In Japan where "monodzukuri" is one of the pillars of national industry, production activities must never be stalled, even for a moment. "monodzukuri" sites in Japan thus continue to operate daily using hundreds of thousands of items. To contribute to such "monodzukuri" activity, Trusco Nakayama aims to achieve its mission as a professional tool supplier by swiftly delivering the necessary products in the needed amounts, in cooperation with manufacturers and sales representatives.



The name of our company, TRUSCO NAKAYAMA,
was coined from the words "Trust" and "Company."
It conveys our commitment to building a company
that earns the trust of everyone we are associated with.


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