Constant inventories of approximately 442,436 items

TRUSCO NAKAYAMA has developed a structure of maintaining inventories of approximately 442,436 items in its distribution centers to respond to orders for a variety of products.

Delivering products on the same day or the following day with no delivery charges for customers

Products for which orders are placed during delivery services that are provided once or twice a day will be delivered on the same day or the following day.
The unique internal distribution system ensures cost-free deliveries to customers.

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Excels in items with a variety of types that are frequently used in small quantities

TRUSCO NAKAYAMA excels in merchandise items that are used in monodzukuri sites, particularly those that have a variety of types and are frequently used in small quantities. Because TRUSCO NAKAYAMA keeps a large volume of inventories in its distribution centers, it can individually deliver a broad array of products in small lots.

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Merchandise catalogue, "TRUSCO Orange Book"

Listing approximately 471,000 items

The TRUSCO Orange Book, the unique merchandise catalogue of TRUSCO NAKAYAMA, has a list of approximately 471,000 items. The catalogue presents items not only with an overwhelming volume of information, but also with a range of unique ideas, such as an easy finder for delivery dates and popular items.

Issuance of 190,000 copies a year

The TRUSCO Orange Book, widely used by engineers on Japan's manufacturing frontlines, is an essential item for any monodzukuri site.

TRUSCO Digital Orange Book
TRUSCO Digital Orange Book

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Private brand,“TRUSCO”

Satisfying market needs with high-quality, low-cost products

TRUSCO, which is TRUSCO NAKAYAMA’s private brand, provides 67,700 items and all PRO TOOLs that are considered necessary at monodzukuri sites, offering high quality at reasonable cost to satisfy all professional users.

Products with unique ideas

The TRUSCO brand encompasses a number of products with unique ideas, such as non-gas sprays, the first eco-friendly chemical products in the industry that do not use gas, and comfortable and safe shoes that are developed with a focus on the health of the feet and a comfortable fit based on human engineering and medical science.

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Nationwide network

61 sales brunches and 27 distribution centers

TRUSCO NAKAYAMA has made its superior delivery and inventory functions available to customers nationwide, taking advantage of sales offices that are equipped with inventory functions and distribution centers.

Through this nationwide network, TRUSCO NAKAYAMA can obtain on a real time basis information about the unique market trends and characteristics of each community, enabling it to tailor sales activities for customers to local requirements.

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Financial affairs

A net worth ratio of 63.7%

TRUSCO NAKAYAMA has expanded its operations, backed by its steady management foundation with a net worth ratio of 63.7%.

Excellent operating income ratio of 5.2%
(Average ratio for wholesalers: 1.1%)

TRUSCO NAKAYAMA has been striving to improve the convenience of its sales infrastructure (including the prompt delivery system of small-lot consumable goods and the introduction of new private brand products) so that its sales agents and customers can make the most of them.
With this compelling business model, TRUSCO NAKAYAMA has maintained strong profitability.