TRUSCO NAKAYAMA procures PRO TOOLs from manufacturers and sells them to machinery tools dealers, home centers and other customers.

TRUSCO NAKAYAMA functions like a market.

It is able to provide its products to approximately 5,300 sales agents and more than 1,000,000 end users. It is able to purchase the products of approximately 2,500 manufacturers for customers. Trusco Nakayama ensures a prompt, smooth and reliable delivery of PRO TOOLs to monozukuri (production) sites all over Japan.

* PRO TOOL ··· Consumables, tools, furniture and fixtures, and other goods that are needed in factories and construction sites

business flow

* Wholesalers: Wholesalers engage in intermediary services between manufacturers and retailers in the flow of goods distribution. They procure merchandise from manufacturers(producers)and sell it to retailers.